An Open Letter from KISES Executive Director Mrs Rajani Suram


MY NAME is Mrs Rajani Suram. I am a social worker for poor and needy children in the Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, India. My dream of working for the betterment of the poor and the marginalized came true when in 1999 my husband, Mr Shoury Babu Rebba, established a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called ‘Kiranmayi Socio Educational Society’ (KISES).

We started working with tribals and Dalits, fishing communities and farmers of the Island villages of Edurumondi of Krishna District and it gave us immense satisfaction.

From that year we successfully implemented a Water and Sanitation (WASH) programme ( and a Mother and Child Health (MCH) programme in 20 villages, reaching a full and active participation of women of the respective villages, especially those from downtrodden communities.

More recently, we have worked towards having two residential hostels for migrant parent children, and over 50 tribal community and dropout children working in the rubbish dump.

It was in Pedapatnam that, with the support of Tdh (Terre des hommes foundation, Lausanne, Switzerland), we constructed a Health Centre for the benefit of  around 30,000 people from the surrounding coastal villages, in which MCH programme was first implemented. (

The main aim of this project has been to provide shelter, food, education, health and recreational facilities for underprivileged children such as the children of migrant parents, orphans, semi-orphans and children living with disabilities.

The main purpose of this programme is to provide parental care and economic security and protect their constitutional rights for education development, and thus protecting them from the hands of anti-social elements by bringing them under one roof.

Under this programme, the children will continue their schooling and at least complete their primary education, even when their parents are on migration for longer periods in search of their livelihood sustenance.

In order to continue providing the services mentioned and give continuity to our programmes and achieve their objectives, KISES is urgently seeking funding and collaboration with like-minded organizations sympathetic to our goals and mission of standing up for the most overlooked and downtrodden members of Indian society.

Should you wish to discuss supporting KISES, we will be happy to outline our programmes in further detail via online meeting ( skype: kises-suram ), telephone (see numbers below), or in writing.

To discover more about the Dump Humanisation Programme we are currently undertaking in Vijayawada, please visit our YouTube channel: or read a more detailed breakdown and background at:

Thanking you for taking an interest in our voluntary work. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Best regards,

Mrs. Rajani Suram
Executive Director
Telephone:      0091 866 2541720
Mobile:      0091 9440573842