The KISES Mission

KISES Emergency Flood Relief Programme

Kiranmayi Socio Educational Society (KISES) is a non-government voluntary organization established in the year 1999 and working with the under-privileged in the Khammam and Krishna Districts of Andhra Pradesh, India. As the name KISES implies, this is a charity showing simple love and respect to people living in hardship and poverty in an unfair, caste-driven society through no fault of their own.

Founded by Mr Shoury Babu Rebba and ably supported by his wife Mrs Rajani Suram, KISES works with the lowest socio-economic groups for the prevention and relief from poverty, educating children and adults, empowering women, supporting the elderly and infirm, engendering community development and equality and, above all, standing up for the basic human rights of the most vulnerable and downtrodden members of Indian society.


‘Kiranmayi’ is a Sanskrit word, which means ‘The Light Full of Rays’ and the purpose of choosing this name is that the light of love and service should spread its rays towards all sections of people. All members of KISES offer their services voluntarily without expecting any monetary benefit. Every member of the society shares the vision of the founder, i.e. bringing hope to the hopeless, the deprived and the weaker sections of society, irrespective of caste, class, creed, religion, colour or gender.

Kiranmayi Socio Educational Society (KISES) was registered in 1999 under Telengana Societies Registration Act 1350 and operates in the Krishna & Khammam districts. We are a non-profit, non-sectarian social service organization working for the development of deprived communities living in remote areas.

In Machilipatnam & Nagayalanka mandals we operate in 16 coastal habitations, covering a population of 36,000, located very close to the Bay of Bengal coast.  KISES’ main areas of focus here are in health, improving sanitation & habitation conditions and improving livelihood options.

Inauguration of KISES Mobile School for marginalised dump children, November 2017
KISES founder Mr Shoury Babu Rebba at the inauguration ceremony for KISES Mobile School for marginalised dump children, November 2017

Project initiatives cover 11 mandals of Krishna District, serving a population of around 7 lakhs including:

  • Adult literacy
  • Health
  • Water and sanitation
  • Livelihood
  • Agriculture
  • Disaster preparedness, relief and rehabilitation programmes
  • Environmental issues
  • Vocational training / learning new skills / upgrading of existing skills


Major areas are the following:
Livelihoods: To enhance social and economic capacity among the rural people
Health: To provide basic health services for men, women and children, by providing specialist medical services, by providing a mobile health service, and by making the people aware of their health needs through KISES’s health animators.
Women empowerment: To strengthen and sustain women through micro enterprises and income-generating activities.
Agriculture: To sustain the rural people through agricultural development and innovative methods.
Child development: To improve health and education status for impoverished and distressed children.
Environment: To create healthier environment among rural and urban areas.
Disaster management: To rehabilitate the people who are in distress due to local natural disasters, such as severe flooding.