KISES Health Centre, Pedapatnam

Quarterly report for KISES Health Centre at Pedapatnam, Machilipatnam Mandal, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh (Jan-April 2019)


Health Camps, House Visits and Awareness Camps at schools were given priority by KISES during January. Health educators and qualified health workers made visits to individual homes to make sure that proper health measures were being taken. In Ghantavaripalem, Kanuru, Chinna Kanuru and Peddapatnam villages, among others, it was found that many people were suffering from high or low blood pressure and seasonal illnesses.

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Elderly people were primarily identified in the month of January to be frequent visitors to the KISES Health Care Centre, many due to paralysis. It is very unfortunate that elderly villagers are really negligent in controlling their blood pressure, despite advice to regulate eating habits and take regular physical exercise. The seasonal effects on children like cough, cold, skin allergy, diarrhea troubled the community very much. 

The people visited at home showed gratitude to KISES and their health workers, while schoolchildren found the health education they were given on cleanliness and proper sanitization highly useful. 

The role and responsibilities of the nurse are highly commendable. Starting work at 9am at the KISES Health Care Centre, she would see patients until 1pm, offering basic check-ups and referring more serious conditions to the doctor. After lunch, she then would set off to surrounding villages to begin house calls. 


Name: Pattapu Veeramma

Age: 58

Locality: Potturu

Mrs.Pattapu Veeramma is a long-term patient, often making the difficult journey to the KISES Health Care Centre for her check-ups. Her son has gone to town area to earn his daily bread. She looks weak and seems to have a very poor diet. She also expresses her difficulties in bringing up her children and claims to be very weak as she suffers from diabetes and other minor issues often troubling in her old age. Therefore, the Nurse visits her house very frequently to offer a periodical check-up. It should be noted that there are no nearby hospitals and the people in these remote villages suffer a lot. In case of any emergency, the Health Care Centre staff refers them to consult with doctors in the city. In return, she appreciates the work provided to her by the Health Care Centre. Before the intervention of KISES, she really had no basic health measures in place. But the constant house visits and community awareness camps have helped to make her a clean and decent woman of Potturu. 


Name: Barre Seetha Rama Swami  

Age: 80 Years

Locality: Gollagudem

Mr Barre Seetha Rama Swami is from Gollagudem village in Krishna District; he is 80 years old and acknowledges the problems he faces at that age. He suffers from low blood pressure and also has many other minor problems. Low blood pressure has ruined his well being and he has a son who goes for work in the city for their livelihood, rather than stay home and tend to his father. Mr Rama Swami feels it’s hard to bear all his troubles at that age and is in a very pitiable situation. He visits the KISES Health Care Centre and gets medical support and suggestions from the Health Educator and the nurse who are always available to the people visiting the centre. 


February highlights included more community meetings, sensitization programmes, Health Camps, School Awareness Events and Village Camps. Unexpected rains brought intense health issues. The KISES health teams conducted health camps and an average of 100 patients were treated each and every time. The majority of them were children, women and elderly people. We were happy to help people receive proper medication and the seasonal diseases were kept under control in the process and gradually came to an end.C:\Users\admin\Downloads\WhatsApp Image 2019-05-13 at 12.33.13 AM.jpeg

Schoolchildren, teachers and other staff attended school awareness programmes in the month of February. Students from various backgrounds observed and gained valuable knowledge on cleanliness, grooming, good sanitation and other daily good habits, which are very essential. Some parents and teachers responded to these types of programmes in a very positive way and asked that more be conducted in the future.

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Name: Kurella Venkateswaramma    

Age: 55 Years

Locality: Kanuru

Problem Description: Cancer at last stage

Ms.Kurella Venkateswaramma is from Kanuru. It is a highly unfortunate and sad fact that she has cancer at the last stage. She has two sons. The Health Care Centre had identified her illness and has been treating her carefully and given a lot of health measures to control her disease. She is mentally weak by knowing she is suffering from the last stage of cancer. The nurse from the KISES Health Care Centre visited her very frequently and suggested she consult a doctor in the city, but she says she can not afford the city hospitals as her family is not of moderate economical support.   


March brings more seasonal changes in the lives of people living in Andhra Pradesh state, with high temperatures and hot sun contributing to health issues. The heat builds from this month until the end of June which causes trouble for people living at home and at work in fields etc.  KISES, in fact, was ready to deal with such healthcare issues, so was ready to respond to the climate changes and the accompanying diseases and infections.

Weekly health camps were held every Sunday and the field work of our team members saw positive results, in spite of the extreme heat. Doctors provided regular check-ups and looked after the health of the poor and needy people. Dr S Vishnu Rao, most dedicated personality, was very keen in understanding the problems of people.  

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The KISES Health Centre, being a community-based and patient-directed organization that serves people with limited access to healthcare, provides comprehensive primary health care services as well as supportive services – education, translation and transportation. During March KISES also offered other support such as elderly care services, alcohol and drug programmes, maternity and child health services, mental health programmes, disability services, outreach services and support for self-help.


Name: Pulupaka Pandurangamma  

Age: 70 Years

Locality: Potturu

Problem Description: Ligament problem

Smt. Pulupaka Pandurangamma is from Potturu village, she has been suffering from ligament problems that she faces very often in her daily routine. She is very weak, but she can work with difficulty. She has a son. She visits our Health Care Centre and responds very positively at the time of house visiting and community meetings. She can walk very little due to the pain. She expresses the need for a good and affordable hospital near to them for their cure. Like many villagers, she was fearful of treatment at the beginning, but gained courage after our health visitors gave her medical support and suggestions were also made by Health Centre staff. 


The month of April, with temperatures still rising, saw many health camps and awareness events. Due to the alarming situation in the health conditions of Pedapatnam village and its neighboring villages our health educators have conducted house visits and community health awareness meetings and school personal hygiene sessions. Most of the people who attended the health camps were suffering from viral fevers and joint pains. The second health camp focused also on children suffering from lung infections and malnutrition. Lactating mothers were given counseling to feed their children with their breast feeding and they themselves with nutritious food. Our nurse and health educator and the mothers of new-born children were made aware of the importance of vaccination and other precautions to protect the child and the mother by making proper use of ‘Balwadi centres’ and preparing home-made foods.

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People were suffering from body pains and diabetic problems and also some suffered from eye problems. And we gave equal importance to health education of people along with proper treatment of various diseases. That was how our teams of health worker and nurse and the counselling sessions, covered all the 10 villages and all sections of the entire coastal belt along with Pedapatnam.  


Name: Tirumala Setti Mariyamma

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Age: 50 Years

Locality: Gollagudem

Problem Description: Paralysis

Smt.Tirumala Setti Mariayamma is from Gollagudem village, she has three sons, and has suffered from paralysis for a long time. She had tried many hospitals and other health centres, but there was no cure. She often visits the KISES Health Care Centre for suggestions and medical support from the nurse and health educators. She looks weak and seems to be highly struggling with depression. She believes in the care and support given in our Health Care Centre and regrets not having a proper hospital nearby which they can afford. 

Note: Our KISES charity is willing to take up any activity for the welfare and development of the lives of the poor and the marginalized.


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