Past Project: Empowering Women

KISES project archive

KISES strongly believes that to have sustainable development in the family, the women should have the economic power.  Though initially the men were reluctant for economic power to be available to women, gradually they were convinced by the awareness meetings.

KISES provided training on formation of the groups, strengthening of the groups and accountability of the groups.  Vocational education to women will play a vital role in generating self-employment opportunities.

Awareness camp was organized for the leaders of self-help groups on December 22, 2005, at KISES office.

Total 30 women from 15 SHGs participated in the awareness camp.  The purpose of this camp was to educate the women at community level for their empowerment and to make them aware of any Government schemes available for the women.

The strategy here was to motivate the women to take up leadership roles in issues relating to women and to the community at large.