Past Project: Vocational Training

Tailoring is a conventional and easy way to earn a livelihood for the women in village areas, those who are educated or uneducated and irrespective of caste creed and religion. There better scope still for tailoring in the village sector.

KISES vocational training
KISES vocational training for village women

It was decided to give training to women on tailoring and embroidery. The women beneficiaries could be married or unmarried, should have completed their minimum standard of education and be eager to learn new techniques and methods of today’s lifestyle.

Women from all the target villages were identified and given training in tailoring and embroidery. Twenty women were selected for each batch and they were trained for a minimum of two months. Only one woman from each village was selected for the training, with a second trainee from that village  selected for the next training. Two women instructors were appointed, one for teaching cutting and tailoring and the other for embroidery.

Though there is no agency funding for relief operations, KISES demonstrated its  sense of social responsibility and commenced its own relief operation in low-lying areas.

After studying all the villages which were affected by floods, KISES identified the five worst-hit and directed its operations in those villages. The most affected areas were South Chiruvuru Lanka, Edla Lanka, Regulanka, of Krishna District, and Voleru, of Guntur District.

KISES distributed a bed sheet, a saree, a towel, bread and water to each family, covering four villages. Each village had a minimum of 50 families and Voleru, of Guntur District, which was hit most severely, was home to 100 families.

Total Families & Villages Identified for Interim Relief 

Name of  village Name of the District No. of families Items distributed
South Chirivolulanka Krishna 50 Bed sheet-1, Saree-1, Blanket-1, Towel-1, Breads and Mineral Water
Patha Edlalanka Krishna 50 -Do-
Regullanka Krishna 50 -Do-
Voleru Guntur 100 -Do-

KISES supported 1,519 flood-affected families in nine island villages of Nagayalanka mandal of Krishna District with the support of Tdh. Each family received the following items:

Rice 20 Kgs
Potato 5 Kgs
Tamarind 1 Kg
Dal 2 Kgs
Oil 1 Kg
Salt 1 Kg
Chilli powder 1 Kg

Total Families & Villages Given Interim Relief in the Floods:

Name of the village Name of the District No. of families
Edurumandi Krishna 615
Zinkapalem Krishna 160
Gollamanda Krishna 159
Bramaih gari Mula Krishna 200
Krishnapuram Krishna 103
Harijanawada Krishna 32
Bodduvarimula Krishna 30
Dhanunjaya colony Krishna 30
Yesupuram Krishna 170
Total 1519
Name of Project Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya Literacy Programme
Project Area Khammam Rural mandal
Held on 2006-2007
Members present at the programme 253
Source of funding / Supported by SCLW
Target group Dalits, Tribals
Goal All the people should sustain in their lives economically as well as socially
Objectives To make the target groups as literate as possible in the operational villages
Strategy Promote livelihood opportunities
Main Activities Establishing literacy centres, formation of self-help groups
Results/ No of beneficiaries All members benefited from the programme.