Past Project: Khammam Literacy Programme

In the organization inception was made with Dalit and Tribal people and by witnessing the poverty, health problems, illiteracy, superstitions, alcoholic addiction all the families leading a miserable lives and determined that due to illiteracy these families were accessed to all vices and to remove all these barriers only solution is to promote the literacy to all the people.  10 literacy centers were established in 10 villages of Khammam Rural Mandal.  The main objective of establishing the literacy centers are:

  • To literate the Dalit Women : 300 Dalit and lambadi tribal community women were made literates from 10 literate centers.
  • To Reduce Child Marriages : After constant awareness campaigns in the community the change was visible and the child marriages were reduced decisively.
  • Main Streaming of Education :  As due to lack of awareness on the education the children were going for traditional occupation of begging and through constant efforts of the KISES created more awareness among the parents and enrolled nearly 75 children in the schools even of the drop out children by recognizing the importance of the education.  
  • Establishment of Self Help Groups for Economic Development : Established 150 groups with 1500 members of consisting of 10 members in each group. Established bank linkages to all the groups and by receiving the loans from banks they are doing petty business and able to lead their lives very happily and also they refrain the begging which is their traditional profession.
  • To Provide Vocational Training : 160 Dalit and Lambadi women were provided training in tailoring, embroidery, toys making, and adda leaves making and with that they are doing their business refraining from the traditional occupation of begging
  • Establishing Bank Linkages : By formation of 150 SHG groups and make accessing the bank linkages for them and through bank they have availed approximately 1.5 crores and revolving the same engaging in different businesses.
  • To Create Awareness on Health, Environmental Cleanliness :Total in 23 villages awareness camps were conducted on health and environmental cleanliness and at least some changes noticed among the attitudes of the people.
    1. To remove the superstitions and avoid from the alcoholic addiction.
    2. To create awareness on the govt schemes and access them to avail the same.

Through this literacy centers the women were become the literates and able to study books of 1st class and 2nd class and not only releasing the importance of the education they also sending their children to schools.  For strengthening economically established the SHG groups and made access of thrift and also availing the loans for low interest through VELUGU programme.  Tribal (Lambada) women those are residing at Nadimi thanda are accessed to Gudumba and they were been joined in the SHG groups and now they have refrained the Gudumba and leading the life by doing petty business.