Project Proposal: Mobile Eye & Dental Care Services to Government Schools & Rural Villages through KISES Health Centre

KISES health centre,


Area of Operation: 30-40 villages in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Budget: IND Rs.4,600,000/EURO €63,900… awaiting funding


The aim of the project is to prevent unnecessary blindness through comprehensive eye care and a dental care service, both provided via a well-equipped mobile ophthalmological and dentistry clinic van.


All 50 mandals and 948 villages of Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh state, India, will be served through this project.

The poor and marginalized of the rural communities and the school-going children in all villages will be given priority in extending eye care services through its mobile clinic, in which eye surgeries will be conducted by expert surgeons.

There are 1,800 Government and private-run primary schools, 450 upper primary, 440 high schools, 1,200 private and 150 unrecognized schools in Krishna District. The children studying in private schools will also be covered by this project.


The project will supply improved quality and comprehensive services to the people who live in the remote villages of the district and to those who belong to the marginalized and most neglected sections of society. Through this Mobile Eye & Dental Care Services project, KISES will utilize the services of the best surgeons available in the district to perform surgeries on cataracts and provide treatment for glaucoma, as well as specialized pediatric eye care and dental care (artificial teeth, impaction/impacted tooth extraction, tooth extraction, fillings, tooth reshaping, dental brace fixing and oral hygiene).

HEALTH CENTRE BUDGET (incorporating Mobile Eye & Dental Care):

1. Fixed Costs: Establishment: (Equipment for O.P.) for one time  INR
Medical Examination Couch 6,000.00
Dr Examination table and chair 9,000.00
Patient Chair (Revolving S.S.) 950.00
Thermometer 70.00
BP Apparatus (Box Type) 750.00
Weighing Scale 750.00
Stethoscope 255.00
Knee hammer 100.00
Torch light – 2 cell 195.00
Measuring Tape 85.00
Hot water sterilizer 2,500.00
Domestic Refrigerator 165 Lit 11,250.00
Examination Lamp 1,750.00
Speculum – Large 225.00
Vulsellum 240.00
Otoscope 3,850.00
Tongue Depressor S.S 80.00
X- Ray lobby 2,550.00
Kidney Tray (S.S) 95.00
Tooth Forceps (S.S) 3,850.00
Allie’s Forceps (for 6” tissue forceps) 730.00
Cheatels Forceps (for 12” S.S) 540.00
TOTAL 45,815.00


2. Equipment for Lab  INR
Microscope              4,000.00
Table light                       1,550.00
Slides (100s)                  310.00
Neubaeur Chamber                 750.00
Sahli’s Haemoglobin meter                  850.00
Centrifuge              5,500.00
Auto Clave              2,700.00
Timer                  700.00
Counting Chamber                  850.00
Domestic Fridge 165 Lit            11,500.00
Thermo cool Box              1,800.00
Agitator              3,700.00
TOTAL 34,210.00



3. Recurring Costs: Personnel  INR
Doctors Honorarium (Rs.4000/- X 10 visits=Rs.40000/- X 12 months)           480,000.00
Salary to ANM Nurse & Health Educator (Rs.10000/- X2X 12M)            240,000.00
Lab Technician (Rs.10000/- x 12months)            120,000.00
Pharmacist (Rs.10000/- X 12M) 120,000.00
Accountant (Rs.10000/- X 12M) 120,000.00
Watchman (Rs.5000/- X 12M)              60,000.00
Sweeper (Rs.5000/- X 12M)              60,000.00
Driver for Mobile Medical Van (Rs.12000/- X12M) 144,000.00
Honorarium to Executive Director (Rs.25000/- X 12 months) 300000.00
TOTAL 16,44,000.00



4. Medicines  INR
Pediatric and General Medicines (Rs.30000/-per month X 12)           360,000.00
Other consumable items (Rs.10000/- X 12)            120,000.00
TOTAL 4,80,000.00



5. Travelling & Admin Costs  INR
Fuel to Mobile Medical Van (Rs.1000/- X30days = Rs.30000 X 12M)           360,000.00
TA to Staff (Rs.700/- X 2 X12)              16,000.00
Executive Director visits (Rs.3000/- per visit X 4 visits X 12M)            144,000.00
Admin Costs, Audit and other expenditure (Rs.10000/- X 12)            120,000.00
TOTAL 6,48,000.00



6. Mobile Medical Van  INR
Van with medical equipped:         13,00,000.00
TOTAL 13,00,000.00


Total Budget (1 to 6)  INR
1.       Fixed Costs: Establishment: (Equipment for O.P.) for one time              45,815.00
2.       Equipment for Lab 34,210.00
3.       Recurring Costs: Personnel 1,644,000.00
4.       Medicines 480,000.00
5.       Travelling & Admin Costs 648,000.00
6.       Mobile Medical Van (with equipment) 1,800,000.00
TOTAL 46,44,025.00


For 12 Month Budget:

Total Indian Rupees                                  = Rs.46,44,025/-      EURO € 64500

Less Local Contributions                           = Rs.    44,025/-        Euro € 611

——————–     ————————-

Net Amount to be received.                   = Rs.46,00,000/-     Euro € 63889

——————–     ————————–

 Mobile Dental Van Approximate price: Rs.18 lakh / Unit(s)

  • Mobile Dental Van (MDV) is a low cost alternative solution for the Dental Clinic.
  • MDV provide treatment to the Dental Patients at remote locations.
  • The MDV includes a vehicle equipped with dental chair and accessories required to perform a standard Dental treatment.
  • The body shell of the ambulance was created by sandwich puff panels with pre-coated sheets cladded on outer & inner walls for good insulation & thermal control.
  • Dental Chairs as per customer’s choice
  • Complete air connection from air compressor and water connection from water tank to dental unit and water connection to wash basin
  • Technicians chair & table for storage and making dentures & repairing artificial teeth, crowns, fillings, bridges etc.
  • Consists of outlet drain system, wash basin, medicine chest, storage racks for instruments, doctor’s chair, other equipment & accessories; sitting arrangement for 6-8 persons inside the van, refrigerator, X-ray room, water tank and genset.